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Our Story – Welcome to the Timeline.watch

Were a vintage watch encyclopedia that catalogs its timepieces by chronological order, model, brand and category evolution. We believe understanding the context in which a timepiece was created makes it grow in meaning and in beauty.


The Dan Henry Collection

I was born a collector. As a child, I used to collect seashells, coins, stamps, magnets, stuff that glows in the dark, basically anything.

At the age of ten I got a Roskopf pocket watch. I remember staying awake all night cleaning, polishing and staring at the gift. So I became a fanatic vintage watch collector. Thirty-five years later, I still spend nights scrutinizing my favorite watch, normally the last one acquired.

As my collection has steadily expanded, so has my desire to share it. First, came an Instagram account, where I could meet crazy people like me. Then, came the need to make something bigger out of it.


And so a collection turned into a collective

Timeline.Watch is not about an individual collection. It is about eternalizing individual treasures from various collectors into one living and continuous growing online encyclopedia. Every collector is a natural-born keeper. However, collecting should not be hiding.

Collecting is about studying, hunting and sharing. This is why collectors and aficionados alike get together.

I invite you to take your watches out of the drawer and into history. Be part of Timeline.Watch

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