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We believe that understanding the background and context in which a timepiece was created increases its importance and beauty. We have created a vintage watch online encyclopedia that catalogs timepieces by model, brand, production year, and through their styles and functions (such as diver, alarm, extra-flat, triple calendar, and many others).


The Dan Henry Collection

I was born a collector. As a child, I collected seashells, coins, stamps, magnets, stuff that glows in the dark — basically anything that fascinated me.

When I was ten, I received a Roskopf pocket watch as a present. I remember staying awake all night cleaning, polishing, and staring at this wonderful gift. I soon became a fanatic vintage watch collector. Thirty-five years later, I still spend nights examining my favorite watch — which is usually the latest one I acquired!

My collection has expanded steadily, and so has my desire to share it. First, came an Instagram account, where I could meet other fanatical watch-collecting people like me. Then, came the need to make something bigger out of my collection.


And so a collection turned into a online global collective

Timeline.Watch is not about an individual collection — it is about creating a online global collective of treasured watches from enthusiasts all over the world, and bringing images and information into a living and growing permanent digital encyclopedia of these beautiful timepieces.

We believe that every collector is a natural-born keeper. However, collecting should not be about hiding; it is about hunting, studying, and sharing. This is why collectors and enthusiasts get together.

With that in mind, I invite you to take your watches out of the drawer and make them part of history. Click here to join us on Timeline.Watch.

You can see the watches submitted by other collectors to Timeline.Watch here.


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