Timeline Watch

Ulysse Nardin deck chronomether

Japanese surprise attack on U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor brings U.S. into World War II

1941 Ulysse Nardin Locle Suisse Chronometer.

Fine and rare, 64mm. silver key-less deck and pocket chronometer with Guillaume balance and 41-hour rotating power reserve indication.

Offshore the correct time is fundamental in determining the Longitude, one second difference in the equator represents an error of 30 meters.

Deck chronometers are big and very precise pocket watches, synchronized with the Marine Chronometer were used by the ship’s Captain to know the exact time on Deck in order to locate and also brought with him when landed to make sure no one changed the official time of the ship while in his absence.

The Marine Chronometer was a cornerstone for the development of the English Navy in which reaps the rewards of being the first to achieve such a technological feat.