Timeline Watch

Sportex Chrono Pulsometer

Color television introduced in the U.S.

1951 Sportex Chrono 37.5mm step case, fixed lugs military inspired dial with gradue pour 30 pulsations scale.

The step case chronographs are a special group of chronographs from the 1940s. The watches from this series are so called because of the shape of the case: the noticeable step between the crystal and the case edge. One characteristic of this watch is that the entire case is made from a single piece of steel, so the watch is less likely to have the water come into the case. That’s why it is called a monoblock case. To seal the connection between crystal and housing, an additional steel plate was manufactured and used.

Many brands (less well known) producing step case chronographs at the time, which are still very undervalued, although they are often just as beautiful as the watches of famous brands. It is important, however, to find the right quality. The key to finding a really great example of these watches, is to find them with original dials. Many examples from the 1940s unfortunately often have newly reprinted or restored dials