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Bucherer Chronograph

The USS Nautilus, the first atomic submarine, is commissioned at Groton, Connecticut.

1954 Bucherer Chronograph Incabloc with Landeron 248 movement was released in the mid-1950s. With steel case back, unsigned crown, 35mm case with straight lugs.

This brand, which was minted in the late 1800s and began producing watches in the early 1900s, has remained relatively obscure, despite its presence in the contemporary luxury marketplace.

But their current collection is a far cry from the watches, throughout the 1960 and 70s. ┬áSmall, simple chronographs were at the heart of the brand, and while a range of Swiss movement and case manufacturers were supplying them, Bucherer remained in the forefront, with dials proudly bearing the brand’s respected name.

This particular piece in an example of Bucherer at its best. The circular 35mm case with straight lugs is pleasingly simple. The dials, once a sunburst silver that has taken on a lovely genuine patina is balanced and free of excess complication with a running second subdial at 9:00 and a minute counter at 3:00.

The blue steel sweep hand is straightforward and simple.  The spartan design complemented with the elegant 3mm pushers. Silver-colored handset and blue-steel sweep hand are in very good condition.

Inside, Bucherer utilized the highly-regarded movement of the era. The Landeron 248, a manual-winding drivetrain that found its way into many favored brands of the day.

The exclusive Bucherer Chronograph Incabloc models are a homage to technical innovation, excellent quality, and creative masterpieces. So, with Heuers and Breitlings of the era fetching big money, every enthusiast should be on the lookout for a solid chronograph that they can enjoy without breaking the bank.

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