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Baylor Dato Chronograph

China detonates its first atomic bomb

1964 Baylor Dato Chronograph with an attractive overview, including Stainless steel case is approximately 37mm (excluding crowns). The 1960 Baylor Dato Chronograph was chosen by Zales Jewelers as the in-house brand for many of their watches.

This chronograph shared many of the same parts and all the same looks as the now popular and collectible Heuer counterparts.

In the 1960s, Baylor is one name that has largely escaped attention. And produced for the jeweler Zales and used many of the same parts as the Heuer Autavias and Carreras.

It is even rumored that as Heuer began to shift its focus toward automatic chronographs with new cases and dials, Zales was able to snatch up parts for pennies on the dollar.

The result was a small array of watches that looked and felt just like Heuers. While many of these Baylor-branded Heuers were based on more popular models like the Autavia ref. 2446C.

With a funky, retro vibe, the Heuer Camaro with its dependable manual-wind Valjoux movements exudes ’70s style.  But the timing of its release–in 1968. Just one year before the introduction of the game-changing Caliber 11 Chronomatic movement.

Which makes it an odd choice for Zales to import it into the U.S. and distribute it under the Baylor brand.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Another feature which makes this watch distinctive is the surfboard-shaped splash of blue in the center of the dial, a popular styling often spotted on Chronos.

This Baylor Dato Chronograph contains everything we love about early chronographs. Such as with signs of only light wear and use, and no signs of over-polishing. Retaining the classic sunburst finishing on the front of the case. Distinctive “surfboard” dial is in excellent condition, showing signs of only light patination to the luminescent elements and no major blemishes or discoloration.

Submitted by: Analog Shift