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Hamilton Fontainebleau

North Vietnamese launch the Tet Offensive, a turning point in the Vietnam War

1968 Hamilton Fontanebleau, gold plated case, not my taste at all.

The Hamilton Watch Company was an American company that was incorporated in 1892. In 1971 it became the third company of what was later to become the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and dealer.

During the expansion of the railroads in the U.S., Hamilton maintained over 56% of the market. Railroads purchased all of Hamilton’s production. As the market switched from pocket watches to wrist watches after World War I, the company manufactured wrist watches.

During World War II, Hamilton retooled its business model to serve the military and production of consumer watches was stopped. With all watches manufactured being shipped to troops, more than one million watches were sent overseas.

The company also was extremely successful in producing Marine Chronometers and Deck watches in large numbers to fill the needs of the United States Navy, and other allied navies.