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Mido Multi Star World time

Nixon ends the US trade embargo against China

1971 Mido Multi Star World Time.

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In 1934, Mido introduced Multifort, a completely revolutionary watch at that time: it was shock-proof and water resistant, besides being antimagnetic. The Multifort was also the first Mido model to have a self-winding movement and this was an achievement in the history of the company. In the same year, Mido introduced watches with unbreakable strings, as well as a new system for waterproof watches. It consisted of using cork to seal the crown: the stem of the crown passes through a tiny cork gasket compressed in a housing, which ensures a seal even if the crown is not fully pushed-in. Franz Linder, Director of Mido, compares this to a bottle of wine that remains sealed even if the cork is half-drawn.