Timeline Watch

Lanco Chronograph

Nixon resigns, the first President to do so

Lanco Chronograph from 1974. Manual winding movement cal. EB 8420.

Chrome plated case with stainless steel back. Silver dial with black sub registers for continuous seconds and elapsed minutes.

Lanco (an abbreviation of Langendorf Watch Company) that was launched as a brand name in the late 1950s. The brand was discontinued in the late 1960s and revived again from 1971 to around 1980.

Langendorf Watch Company was a Swiss watchmaker known for its fine craftsmanship and great attention to detail.

Around 1890, it was probably the largest producer of watches in the world. The company produced watches in Langendorf, Switzerland for exactly a century, from 1873 to 1973.

During SSIH’s financial problems in 1981, the Lanco brand name was sold. As of 1998, new Lanco watches are being sold in South Africa by S. Bacher & Company, under license from The Swatch Group.